Dash of This & That – Vol. 3

Hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine’s Day. I know some hate the holiday, but it’s always a good reminder to say ‘I love you’ to your loved ones! Discovered these awesome heart shaped straws, so fun!

– Adore this Claire Pettibone dress photographed by Feather and Stone Photography

– I was an avid fan of the 2012 Olympics, one of my fave to watch was Oscar Pistorius. His story was such an inspirational one. So it was a HUGE surprise to turn on the news this week and see he’s being charged with the murder of his girlfriend.

– A very unique situation arose in the wedding community. Anne Almasy a photographer submitted an ad featuring a same-sex couple to Weddings Unveiled Magazine… it was initially rejected by one of the editors. Since then the issue has been resolved in terms that both Anne & WU are ok with…. there is still obviously a lot of discussion going on… read this post for further information.

– Love these DIY projects using washi tape

– A little late on the Harlem Shake phase… and while it’s a catchy tune… Gangnam Style beats it in my book!

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